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Holistic Corporate Responsibility
Responsibility for the World of Tomorrow

The decisions that we make today will exert a major influence on the future of our world and that is why responsibility is much more than just a keyword within the nature network®. We live the responsibility to which we feel committed in our capacity as a globally active, family-owned business and we do so with as much enthusiasm as conviction. Our Holistic Corporate Responsibility (HCR) concept has therefore been firmly anchored in the principles of the nature network®. The special thing about this concept is that we regard responsibility as being a holistic concept that is expressed in everything we do and in our identity as a whole, or briefly spoken: we care!

Holistic sustainability

In concrete terms, this means dealing with our employees fairly and on a basis of mutual trust and cooperation to the same extent as we do with our business partners all over the world. We ensure that our herbal raw materials are grown, harvested and collected in a way that conserves Nature so that the diversity of resources will continue be available to future generations. A sustainable aspiration that we underline by the use of environmentally compatible technologies. And last, but by no means least, Holistic Corporate Responsibility within the nature network® means that we become involved in social, sporting and cultural projects in the regions in which we live and work.